About Sprong's

The Sprong gate is made from a black plastic insulating block in which a galvanized spring is pressed in. There is a 2.5mm pin to provide an electrical connection from your electric fence system. The plastic block has four holes to enable easy fixing to your post.

Available in two sizes:

900mm: Ideal for centre pivot fences
1200mm: Ideal for motorbike gateways

Key Benefits:

* Unique 2 piece spring and tip for easy adjustment or replacement
* Minimal re-fencing required
* Ideal for old rabbit and no.8 fences
* Good stock control while irrigator is going through the fence line.
* No wires to catch on irrigator
* Virtually maintained free operation.
* Fully assembled ready to nail to the post
* Our next generation spring can be used as a motorbike gate.

About us.

This product was developed on a North Canterbury farm in 1998 when the first centre pivot was installed. The idea behind it was to enable the pivot to be put onto a fully fenced block without the need to re-fence. There are now a total of 4 pivots on this farm all with the Sprong type gates. The product has been refined over the years. If anyone can say they are a great success it would be us.


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