Installation Notes and guide lines.

Sprongs are designed to be "pushed past", not driven over and not to be pushed into ground.

Electric fence under ground cable should be buried below potential wheel-rut depth or the installation of a 'bridge' option stop rutting.

We recommend the use of 6 foot post in most cirmstances and 7 foot in soft or sandy conditions.

For cattle only one pair of sprongs need to be installed at 900mm

For calves install one pair of sprongs at 900mm and one "bungi" *at 300-400mm above ground.

For sheep install two pair of sprongs at 700mm & 900mm and "bungis" * at 300mm & 500mm above ground.

* Care must be taken with bungi cord to prevent injury. Consult manufacture.

Bungi cord has a limited life and tends to wear where the wheel runs over it. We recommend using Beattie electric bungi for its long lasting characteristics. Bungi also stretches and is unsuitable for heights where the sprongs used.

A wire "halo" system can be used to tie posts together at ground height where soft soil tends to make posts move.


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